Monday, March 1, 2010

Writerly Stuff-My First Radio Interview

I was invited by my publisher, Medallion Press, to participate in a radio interview as part of the launch for my new historical romance, STOLEN PROMISE.

I learned several things during the process:
  • Being very nervous turns the insides of your cheeks into cotton balls

  • I say "ummmm" more often than I ever would have believed

  • A skilled interviewer can make the interviewee actually enjoy the interview

  • Pets will aim concerned looks your way when you're talking and there's no one else in the room

To listen to an archived recording of the interview, visit the Medallion Press website.

Lisa Marie

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Don said...

Congrats! Saw you on Classmates. I was a 71 grad. I've been doing my blog for a year or so, toyed with writing: fiction or non-fiction. Tip 'o the hat to you for successfully navigating the waters of getting published.

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