Saturday, February 28, 2009

Writerly Stuff-A Contest for Sunday, March 1!

I've had one of those weeks that is just so rare and fine that you want to scrapbook it and bring it out again when things get back to normal and the doldrums/pressures/annoyances of life creep back in.

First of all, "Fire at Midnight" received two of the most wonderful reviews my little novel could ever hope for. I'd love to share them with you.

1--Venerable romance website Romance Junkies has awarded "Fire at Midnight" a 5 Blue Ribbon rating.

2--I found myself blushing after reading the type of review that writers only dream of from Romance Roundtable.

Then, I received the cover for my next novel, "Stolen Promise" from Medallion Press, and it could not be more perfect for the story. I'm posting it here in advance of updating my website because I'm eager to share it!

The image on the cover is a version of a galbe, which is a Romany (gypsy) style necklace. Click here to read a story blurb for Stolen Promise.

Then, a friend was so thoughtful as to capture the image of my book on the shelves of her local Barnes and Noble store:

I'm hopeful that someone looking for the latest JR Ward novel will scan the shelf, see the spine of my book, pull it out, read the blurb and say..."Gee, this might be good. Never heard of her, but I'll give this one a try. Pretty cover!" (My book is the fourth one over, going from left to right).

And, perhaps the best news of all is that after a two year wait, "Fire at Midnight" was released today!

Enter a comment and you'll be eligible to win an autographed copy of the book!

Lisa Marie

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogging Today on Coffee Time Romance-Win a Book!

I'm a two-blogs-in-one-day kinda girl today!

You can read an excerpt from Chapter One of my debut historical romance novel, "Fire at Midnight" on the Unusual Historicals Blog and then if you're sufficiently enticed to want to win an autographed copy of the novel, you can visit my Blog over on Coffee Time Romance.

If you're not familiar with the Coffee Time Romance site, here are quick tips to get you directly to the blog, because I would dearly love to have some comments and be able to give away a book today:

1-Go to the Coffee Time Romance site (use the link above)
2-Scroll down and click where it says "Click here to enter"
3-Choose the option called Blog-Coffee Thoughts from the left side menu and you should immediately be looking at my post.

Lisa Marie

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Writerly Stuff: The Great Storm of 1703

I'm guest-blogging today on the Unusual Historicals blog. My selected topic is the Great Storm of 1703, which forms a backdrop to a climactic scene in my debut novel, "Fire at Midnight."

This is truly an interesting bit of history, I promise! If you'd like to read about the storm, please visit the blog at:

Please leave a comment so I'll know you dropped by!

Lisa Marie

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fire at Midnight Releases on March 1!

As a result of having my debut novel released soon, I have been privileged to receive a number of requests to be a guest-blogger by the owners of blogs I read and enjoy. I am going to publish my "schedule" here, so if you're interested in following my guest appearances, you'll be able to come here and see at a glance what I'm currently up to. Here is my dance card so far:

02/20/09--Guest blogger on Yankee Romance Reviewers

02/24/09--Article on the Great Storm of 1703 for the Unusual Historicals Blog

02/26/09--Guest blogger on Coffee Time Romance

02/26/09--Excerpts from Fire at Midnight on the Unusual Historicals Blog

02/27/09--Chatting on Romance Junkies & offering signed copy of book as prize

02/27/09--Guest blogger on Romance Roundtable (former Avon Fanlit group)

03/01/09--Promo Spot for "Fire at Midnight" Release on Unusual Historicals Blog

I hope you can come join me on some of these dates.

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