Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book Review: Her One Desire by Kimberly Killion

“Her One Desire” provides all the elements necessary for a thoroughly satisfying historical romance. Broc is an alpha hero with just enough insecurity to render him endearing. Lizbeth is a plucky heroine who earns the sympathy and support of the reader as surely as she wins the hero’s heart, and Lord Hollister is definitely a villain worthy of contempt.

This stunning England/Scotland set medieval historical romance by talented debut author Kimberly Killion is a fast-paced, sensual, emotionally engaging story that not only delivers the exciting story promised by the cover blurb, but also manages to deliver a fresh plot that deftly balances tense drama with scenes of tenderness and humor.

With themes of redemption, salvation, hope—and most of all, the power of love—“Her One Desire” allows the reader to witness Lizbeth’s growth from the timid “Lady Ives,” daughter of England’s Lord High Executioner, into Scottish chieftain Broc’s beloved wife “Lizzy.” Lizbeth holds her own against a mother-in-law who comes equipped with a sword and a villain determined to steal everything Lizbeth has ever valued in life. This author is one to watch, and I’m looking forward to her next novel, “Highland Dragon.”

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