Thursday, August 7, 2008

Writerly Stuff: Do People Sometimes Predict Their Own Deaths?

Because I write historical novels, and they tend to be, ah, unusual, I've had the honor of being invited to become a regular contributor to the Unusual Historicals blog. My first article as a contributor falls under the category "Famous People," and I've chosen to create a fictional interview with inventor Henry Winstanley, whose wish to test the lighthouse he designed and built during "the greatest storm there ever was" proved to be prophetic. I also managed to work in an excerpt from my upcoming Medallion Press release, "Fire at Midnight," into the article as well. The famous lighthouse figures prominently in my novel. The following link will take you to the article:

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dyann hunter said...

Great article, Lisa Marie!

Funny and informative. Oh...and your hero Sebastien sounds soooo sexy. I can't wait to read about him further!

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