Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Winner of Casting Call Contest Announced!!

The fun thing about being the person holding the contest is that I can decide to award more than one prize if I feel like it. I like doing that because it's a way to show my appreciation for your interest in winning my debut novel, and also because I often have trouble deciding on a winner.

Since it's my Mom's birthday today, I have given her the honor of selecting the winner of the signed copy of "Fire at Midnight." The winner is nfmgirl.

I've selected a few other winners, too. Unfortunately, I can't send a book to every winner, but the following folks will receive some cool promotional goodies if you'll kindly send me an e-mail containing your snail mail address so I know where to mail your prize:

1-Winner of Grand Prize (signed copy of "Fire at Midnight"): nfmgirl.
2-Runners-up (promo goodies prize): Danielle, Mari, Harringtonhoundheaven

Please e-mail me at by June 30th to claim your prize!

Lisa Marie


Heather said...

That's so awesome! Thanks so much! I'm all excited and giggly inside! (Only on the inside mind you. I don't express that sort of thing on the outside!) I'll get you my info. Thanks again!


Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

Totally my pleasure! I hope you enjoy the book!

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